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Form And The Function

The Form:

digital fabrication

Panelized surface

Designer: Adam NakaGoshi

And The Function:

table by adam nakagoshi and eric burns

Glass top table

Designer: Adam Nakagoshi and Eric Burns

They are or were students of University of South Florida, School of Architecture + Community Design. I wish I knew a little more about the designers…

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A Graphic Statement

sequence barware


Designer: Natalia Ogneva @ Designer on fire for Artel

The glass objects: mouth blown and acid etched.

Lines: straight, diagonal, parallel, intersecting.

Process: extremely laborious as each line is hand painted by Czech master artisans. Each glass takes more than a day to finish.

Inspiration: Joseph Hoffman designs.

Result: Striking, stunning glass vessels, I am unable to take my eyes off!

What you say?

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