Always In the Making!

who am i

A question mark born by DesignFlute

This is the most ancient self of me on this earth!

I look different now, changed. But one thing is constant – question. This is a question mark.

Who am i? I question myself constantly.

I wonder at the statement I always make in front of my kids and partner ‘don’t question me!’

Am I getting philosophical or just a little quirky?

At the moment I am motherboard-less!

But so what? Where is design? Hey! these are my designs, my digital art (first steps), DesignFlute art!

cosmic flower

Cosmic flowers

For last 8 days I was greatly annoyed with my PC. Now as my 18 hours everyday inseparable companion is away I make these happy colorful lines. Strange right!

a butterfly song

A butterfly-song

I wonder if I make a butterfly with straws, how it will be weaved. Some loose knots doesn’t bother me and I always keep weaving  a butterfly song everyday!

green leaves

Green leaves imprisoned in glass

If ever I get a chance of learning glass-blowing and other glass crafts I want to do one thing. capture a green leaf  inside a glass sheet and wonder will it remain green forever there.

fish and fins

Fish, fins and bones

Quite a handful of times people, astonished; have paused and remarked ‘you celebrate and enjoy the journey itself!’ I am always a voyager, constantly at sea! 🙂

happi ly revolving


Round and round I go. Up and down I go. Always revolving!


A wannabe digital bug

Will I enjoy if I am a cross between a red bug and a firefly? Always wanting to make a change (might make life an endless demanding buzz!)

finethread embroidery

Think,above image is hazy? Which life isn’t?

Come closer. Look deeply. You might see a fine thread being stitched! Always embroidering life’s little buttons and stitches and hitches!

finethread embroidery

Come closer. Dig differently. Try another glasses. Huh! you are green with envy or isms, I say; can’t see still properly. You go grab clear glasses!

finegold embroidery

Golden life, fine-threaded

I say try black! Black? Can you see I turned your theory upside down. I cleared things for you in black. This fine threaded gold digital embroidery is clearly seen in black, not in white!!!

Always changing constants too!

(please do not copy my digital art, many thanks.)

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