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Bamboo Blossom

blossom mirror

Blossom mirror frame by Prachi Mahapatra

A very clever and simple use of bamboo stripes; reminds me of Yulia Brodskaya‘s paper illustrations, with equally stunning effect.

The “Blossom” mirror frame by NID student Prachi Mahapatra again throws a challenge of ‘why didn’t I think of this before?’

You can see Prachi’s portfolio here.

Brave Women

mirror brave women

Artist: Jessica Stock

I need to salute thrice today!

First to the artist of this mirror art Jessica Stock whose creations you are looking at today.

Don’t your heart swell while looking at this mirror. (Second salute for this piece itself.)

No you aren’t broadcasting; just a sure strong reminder that should lie somewhere in the nook or corner of your house.

No, you don’t have to ask this question any more: mirror, mirror on the wall…..

I believe, each one of us have to have this mirror! (Third salute for all of us!)

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vibrant colours in steel


chanukah candleholder

chanukah candle holder

Designers:  @ Tin City

When medium is mild steel, the process is laser cutting and the colours are vibrant with a subtle African influence then the result show in these intricately detailed beautiful décor pieces by Tin City which was earlier Tin town.





floral light

Designers: @ Tin Town  (when Tin City was Tin Town)

Floral light : Eight elaborate panels slotting into a circular floral centerpiece.



bird cage mobile

A grown-up version of a mobile! Use it in your kitchen to hang utensils from or in your bedroom for your favourite necklaces.


bird branch hooks

A beautiful branch for inside the house with four strong hooks for coats, hats or whatever takes your fancy.


fire screen

( Yes I am back after a week + of absence from blogging. Hope fully!?! another gruelling busy schedule is now months away!)