stop here


What do you think this is?

Is this a patio? A garden room? Some courtyard or decorated backyard?Let me give you a hint. It is a waiting area, decorated in Moroccan- style lounge! The curtains-cushions, plants and flower pots make it so comfortable and pleasant that you feel at home. But it has nothing to do with home!


It also looked like this.

It is a bus stop in town of Fowey on the south coast of Cornwall!!!

What should it be called – the bus stop interiors. If you feel like waiting forever or never leaving then this is the bus stop for you!

via:  Mumbai Mirror ,

additional image via BBC

3 thoughts on “stop here”

  1. Hi Roma,

    I really wouldn’t have guessed!!

    Lovely post!

    ( Glad to be back checking all your lovely blogs:-)

  2. Hi Roma,
    Cool post .
    I would not have seen this in the Mumbai newspaper.
    Your blog has a nice new make over.

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