Lace Garden!

Lace Garden by Anouk Vogel

(nickname: Bride’s Garden)

This eye candy garden is planted with white-flowering shrubs, bulbs and perennials which looks like lace with existing green. The literal twist is given with a lacy wire fence!

The Swiss designer Anouk Vogel is a landscape architect who dabbles in creating gardens, temporary installations, buildings, interiors and street furniture. Her competition entries, concepts and realized work come from some dreamland to create utter magic. There is always some poetry, birdie, lace and not to forget strength present in all her work.

Is this a reading room or garden at Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius!

Custom-made furniture put together acts like corner of a garden!

All tables put together form bee-hive. Lamps pulled up start forming new ceiling and chairs with embroidered seedlings take form of  ‘chair garden’!

Ornamental pattern geranium flower container installation for urban garden festival, Lausanne Jardins 2009 (Swtizerland)

Cast-iron park furniture for Vondel Park, Amsterdam.

Ever wonder what will real birdie gonna say to the motif-ed one!

If you do not like poetry, laces or birds than don’t  despair, here comes the garden of Cactus And the Bat house!

urban garden


A sculptural installation composed of more than 900 cacti from the same species but varying in height from 10 centimeters to 1 meter planted in front of the Fine Arts Museum for urban garden festival Bilbao Jardín (Spain).

Bat House

by Anouk Vogel in collaboration with Johan Selbing

A competition entry  for bat roosts and a visitor center.

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