Myth of Brahmakamal

I was told this is Brahmakamal (Saussurea obvallata) – a rare flowering plant, found in the Himalayas.

Night Blooming Cereus

Photographer: My camera phone

So yesterday night we had gathered around the white magnificent flower and enjoyed its full bloom and its heady fragrance for few hours.

We are supposed to get rich!!

We are supposed to have a shower of blessings!!

To find out all the myths and lores I went to surf the net and found that it is not Brahmakamal but Queen of the Night – cactus – Night Blooming Cereus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum). In Maharashtra at least there is misconception about this plant being Brahmakamal.

But it is not that rare plant and flowers once a year(?) unlike Brahmakamal which is said to flower once in 14 years!

Looks are indeed deceptive here!

Does this flower belongs to waterlily family? No, not.

The inmates inside the flower’s own design cave kingdom!

The small plant in a pot

Now after busting the myth of Brahmakamal the million dollor question is: Am I still going to be rich?

But I did feel blessed by its serene white beauty!

(If you want to know more about flowers of India I strongly recommend this site.)

69 thoughts on “Myth of Brahmakamal”

  1. My terrace garden from one plant thirteen flowers are there,flowering everyday one or two,bful,we all feel good to see this Bful gift from Mother Nature with other flowers and green Veges.

  2. In my home this flower has bloom before 2 moths ago and today in 23 September its bloom again….it is a beautiful flower and full of fragrance..

  3. I have a plant like this and it is about to flower soon. It was flowered before two months. If someone is interested to see this pls. contact me-+919744251411.

  4. yes , this is nishagandhi flower, I just had 2 flowers bloomed just now 1 in and 2 weeks ago. 10 years ago I had another plant had almost 10 flowers.

  5. Hi xyz,

    Don’t be dejected, or don’t think people who pray are fools and idiots.
    Take it in a simple science. Every plant and every tree is a gift for human being. Enjoying every bit of green is a bliss. Instead of not having anything and longing for something, at least this plant is giving the worshiper some peace of mind.

    Keep enjoying the spirit of green. Be it Brahma Kamala or just Kamala 🙂


  6. Hi,
    Have you really become rich by now?
    Same flower is seems to be grown in my home garden after my grandma planted some branch. People are actually doing pooja of it. But after reading this article i am sure people are idiot to Worship of same


  7. We feel very happy to see bramhakamal in our terrace garden .we see 7 flowers at time At10 pm On 29 july 2014 Thanks to my Daughter who gave me to plant this !!!!!! May God give Us Blessing !!!!!!

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