Bug-sy beautiful


Interior Designer: Brad Ford @ Brad Ford ID Inc

Hey! Who is this? 

 Who put these bugs in the house? I am furious!


Oh my God – wings, leaves, jungle, cicadas who brought all these inside?

Tell me quickly I am sure going to catch him!

And lo I have caught him!

Brad Ford – He did this!!

The culprit – a very talented young designer- Brad Ford has designed this amazingly playful mudroom (show house)!

New York based interior designer Brad Ford’s work has some timeless quality.

Light and bright with a certain playfulness and I suspect he works around creating stories. Whatever way he works the rooms seems to have everything in harmony and elegant casualness. Attention to texture and clean lines also speak out loudly here!

For this mudroom project he collaborated with artist Jennifer Angus.

I couldn’t resist these additional images from his other projects ?



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