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metal maya

Gas Flame Archway

Designer+Artist: Ann Catrin Evans

Ann Catrin Evans is a 3D designer maker specialising in doorknockers and door furniture. She also makes lighting, jewellery, utensils, furniture, trophies and large-scale projects for public artworks.

She works with metal.

I love the architectural elements in her work!

love tokens

Not saying I don’t love these love-ly tokens!

Gafrod – sculpture

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art ties

Jeff de Boer is a Calgary-based multi-media artist known for his original and quirky works in metal. He creates pieces like suits of armour for cats & mice, rocket lamps as well as exquisitely crafted pieces like these ones ?


                                          corporate ties

                       made  with aluminum, brass & leather


                                      corporate ties

   made of aluminum, brass, bronze, leather & mixed media

steel sings the garden





A garden too lazy to grow up. Or if we are too lazy to look after a garden then the answer is provided by Alex Davis.

Indian designer Alex Davis creates poetry in his designs. He takes a tender fern and lily pond and then he takes a hard, stark material steel and creates a garden!

In his lazy garden bamboo sings, Olivia swirls, lily spreads, fern shy away and creepers just sit on window sill.

4 categories of ‘architectural plants’ like bamboo, lily, ivy and monestarial take root.

His creations are made of steel with laser cutting, hand craftsmanship and hand polishing.

These creations can be used indoor as well as outdoor and in water bodies too.





Please Do Not use or reproduce any of these images without written permission of the designer Alex Davis.

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