metal maya

Gas Flame Archway

Designer+Artist: Ann Catrin Evans

Ann Catrin Evans is a 3D designer maker specialising in doorknockers and door furniture. She also makes lighting, jewellery, utensils, furniture, trophies and large-scale projects for public artworks.

She works with metal.

I love the architectural elements in her work!

love tokens

Not saying I don’t love these love-ly tokens!

Gafrod – sculpture

Saxon Archway

ladder for 2 – love token


lighting (click to enlarge)

Y Galeri Arts Centre Gates

2 thoughts on “metal maya”

  1. heyy
    ive been doing work on Ann Cartin Evans in my art class and as i write to you now I am doin a project on you so you could posibbly write back that would be so good

    Many thanks

    and keep up the good work


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