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a mud wall and coloured bottles

navadarshanam2 betterinteriors 

Can you guess that it is innovative use of empty glass bottles!


This pictures are from eco-township Navadarshanam situated along the border of Thally reserve forest at Tamilnadu and Karnataka borders. Here an alternate way of life and working is translated in ecological living. The homes are built with Sun baked mud blocks for walls, terracotta tiles, red oxide and cement for flooring.
Terracotta and cement jaalis (lattice), recycled wood and bottles are used as design accents.

See more photos of this eco-community here and here.

simplicity rocks


This Ryan Frank design could not have been more simple,  more down to earth, more recyclable, more beautiful and more eco.

When I saw this  brick and cork box called Harrison’s Rock first on BOUF, I started dreaming of so many dmps ( do myself projects) that I knew it is going to be my evergreen favourite.


I always wanted to do something with brick and glass.  I still have drawings of a shelf made of these two materials which I wanted to make 3 years ago. Ryan Frank’s free-range furniture designs have inspired me to bring out my dowdy furniture drawings and make them see light of the day.