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outdoor nook


This outdoor corner from marie claire maison is perfect. But this nook is for my husband. In the rains he wants to sit in the balcony or outside to enjoy drizzle falling from shade making angles.


The 1st image is a glass object from marie claire maison. I see it as a gorgeous pillow.

2nd image is floating flowers via Rang Decor (Arch has many more wonderful ideas). A water feature I needed  to relate with rains.

3rd image of books is a must as he cannot be separatd from his books.


And this nook for my hubby is now complete with hanging basket full of books, gorgeous pillow and floating river of flowers!

Who wants to spend endless time here? who, show me your hands.

designflute excuse: pardon my great photoshop skills!

enchanted walk to life


image via flickr


‘Enchanted’ wall decor in glass by Atsuko Hamanaka student at Beckmans college of design, Stockholm, Sweden.


This is ‘joker’ chair from urbanfurniture


images via flickr

The Nook: This wall of the room has 2 frames side by side, a sofa on which an apple in a plate sits and the shoes are standing by.


A very long walk to life

Enchanted we walk

Fruit and shoes in hand

Comforts all along

Life is a joker

Still walk goes on and on.

story of an urban jungle

I am posting design ideas in a series called MY NOOK for a corner, for each and every nook of my house and your house.

I have already done one, this is next.


This is ‘urban bear’ inkjet print by architect and artist Marjetica Potrc, I just can’t seem to erase from my mind for even a minute.


This is a cropped part of a beautiful flickr photo.


I imagine I am the girl in red frock.

And this is my nook:


Me and my friend both are silently watching the landscape thinking what would be the world tomorrow!

I observe me


This flower arrangement has become piece of art and that is what Paula Pryke  does. This is first floral art which I think has taken me to another level and has taught me something.


This sofa chair called facett designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is my another favourite (It has to be white). I could cuddle up there for hours and feel nice.


And this Gregory Blain platform is what I want to think about.  I want to think if it is practical in  small spaces.

These 3 pieces make a perfect corner for me to meditate.

I would be posting design ideas in a series called MY NOOK for a corner, for each and every nook of my house and your house.

This is my first nook and I am nervous.


I would sit on la platforme and imagine I, and not the flowers; who is sitting on the sofa chair. I would definitely move my legs restlessly and the rest of magic would be brought forward by the dark ambience, the white and red contrast.

I think I would attain bliss. What about you?