a potter's digital art


frog – digital art

Artist: Jyotsna Bhatt @ Saffron Art gallery

A very talented Vadodara based ceramist and potter Jyotsna Bhatt’s work as part of Digital Art exhibition. It is while learning sculpture she discovered her interest in making three-dimensional figures.

untitled – digital art

archival inkjet on paper

Rat a cat – stoneware double walled form

@ Lemongrasshopper Gallery

Her ceramic works includes images of cats and dogs. She hates repeating forms and that is why she doesn’t like to go commercial.

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carry your urbanity


fuusio – a go anywhere tote bag

Designers: Tiia, Eeva, Laura, Hanna @ Focus Fabrik

The Finnish designers – Tiia Eronen, Eeva Heikkinen, Laura Järveläinen, and Hanna Kerman @ Focus Fabric make this kind of pulsating urban landscape on textiles.

For their interiors fabrics they also find inspiration from nature. To top it all they use only  sustainable material – organic cotton and hemp.

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