Up the wall!


Lila Jang creation at an exhibition Parcours Saint-Germain in Paris via designklub     


I was away not just from blogging but emails, computer and pretty much everything.

I was driven up the wall by the red tapism and mismanagement in our education system (just like this sofa).

I was running all the while (one month +) for my daughter’s admission in a good college in her chosen stream. Period!

Even IF I had time I could not have been able to open the computer let alone blog as I was too tense all the time!

Thank God that I have come out sane from this!

And my daughter eventually got admission where she wanted!

Antique telephone clock by Ben Bridge Jeweler @ Topanga


Out of many bitter lessons learnt I want to mention just one.

Our education system does not think that internet and simple phone are marvellous inventions – time saving devices. Instead people belonging to this field think their stature would go down if they ever answer by phone or put some info on net!

I don’t want to say sorry for my absence but definitely want to say thank you all that came regularly to my blog and commented. Wrote to me showing concern via mails or via comments.

I especially want to thank Maryam, Geetha, Oorie, Palak and Niharika.

I also want to welcome newbies on my blog who wrote to me but I could not answer them!

 Will write to you all soon.

2 thoughts on “Up the wall!”

  1. I am intrested in your above antique telephone. please advice of price please contact me at above email. Thank you. Narendra

  2. I am interested in your above antique telephone clock.
    Please advise of price.

    Please contact me at the above email.

    Thank you

    Terry Rego

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