Exciting Times – I


Ever had a dream of flying! Know that weightless – exhilarating feeling!

I feel I am flying!

These are real exciting times.

sunset by DesignFlute

Photoshop image by DesignFlute

(Inspired by this Flickr photograph)


The culprit ‘time’ is on the run!

I always thought these are last of my ‘too busy’ days. I would have more time from next week, next month …..

And now the next year has already begun!

moti-barzilay, clock

Israeli time

Designer: Moti Barzilay

A clock that shows Israeli characteristics of ‘ doing things perfectly on schedule’.


Last year had proved totally impossible on time front.

So first few apologies…,

And then gratitude, thanks and exiting news to share…

I have too many requests pending from designers.

I am sure who wrote sweet e-mails to me must have written me off as a complete prude! (I am not one and will try to communicate even it sounds too late!)

I have been tagged twice – first I felt shy to write about myself. But as I sat down to think; many a thing fell into place. I specially want to thank Vineeta of artnlight for tagging me as I started to see myself in a clearer perspective (which was overdue)!

(And yes I wanted to make a short film instead of a post. Now I know that was a wrong decision.)

I have not been able to visit design blogosphere in last six (six? It should be ten!) months. I used to maintain a 5 day blogging schedule and see how erratic it has become. This ends too.

(Do all these sound like new year resolutions never to be followed! Nooo! Please…)

Exciting Times – II follows …