Wer am I

And wer I want to be!

Architects: Daniel Marshall Architect

Definitely here! Namaste to nature and this clean architecture.

Minimal decor is just as soothing as nature.

On a platter the geometrical architecture in fact defends nature.

Inside water feature adds little points of interesting-ness.

Mirror mirror on the wall who needs you at all?

When I have infinite nature to rock about!

And the sun shining through the house!

Water outside dives inside too.

And paints colours of nature inside.

Hunger for stunning designs would ever be satisfied?

Will sit down leaning against red wall to look at nature’s madness!

Every angle, nook and corner invites me to vast expanse outside.

what more one needs  when the sea and the sky play at doorstep.

These images are  from various  minimal, modern houses built and/or reconstructed by award winning New Zealand architect Daniel Marshall.

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