chair by puneet gupta

0.76º – Climate change chair

Designer – Artist: Puneet Gupta

Women carrying several water pots one upon another on their head is a very common sight in an Indian village or Kasbah. We all have seen it. Puneet Gupta also saw it. But he didn’t stop there. He saw a problem – water concern and gave it a global shape by creating a functional piece of art. And now literally he is going global!

0.76º is a piece of livable art – a steel & fabric chair – Climate change chair – an installation – a coffee chair created by Indian designer-artist Puneet Gupta.

0.76º is part of an exhibition “Asia Now: Exploring Design Culture”.

The exhibition ‘Asia Now’ is curated for Dwell on Design by designboom being held at Los Angeles from today till 27 of June. The exhibition brings the best contemporary design from 11 countries throughout Asia.

climate change chair

Climate change chair

material: steel and fabric

In designer’s words: “my thought behind designing this chair was to juxtapose perceived realism from our rose tinted glasses and real that we push behind the back, under the gilded carpet”.

The front part of the chair looks luxurious and comfortable – the way we want to see things – rosy!

At the back, there are steel vessels with taps. The one at the top is the largest vessel with one tap and as you go down, the size of the vessels starts decreasing and the number of taps increase. It shows how our resources are shrinking – the real scenario – pushed behind the back!

Some of the vessels that have several tap heads are fractured. The fractures symbolise the pressure exerted on the scarce water resource.

Puneet Gupta’s multi-disciplinary design studio Design Kitchen has a ‘coming back soon’ tag at the moment so you can go here and here to see more of his work.

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