Truss Me!

Trust Me With This Truss-Me!


Truss Me Collection

Designer: Sandeep Sangaru @ Sangaru Design Studio

Here bamboo has been manipulated with using its inherent tensile strength and mechanical properties in such a way that load-bearing but light-weight engineered craft solutions emerge.

Truss-Me collection by Sangaru Design Studio is a unique, innovative approach to bamboo craft. It is hand-crafted and sustainable.


Truss-Me collection is based on a system where split and laminated bamboo module which acts like truss; is used. And it is Best of Best award winner @ Red Dot Awards : Concept 2009 too.


Book – self

Truss Me system can be used in various applications, from furniture, to modular system to low-cost housing shelters.

bookshelf seat-table

crutchVarious applications of Truss Me technique



bamboo furniture making

A group of artisans at village Shankela in the north-eastern state of Tripura (India) making Truss Me prototypes.

truss-me making

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