Ecoin Is Green Too!

ecoin by Abhinav Dapke

Ecoin by Abhinav Dapke

To do big money transactions we have quite a few hassle–free devices like debit or credit card, cheque and online banking too. We need not carry large amount of cash but what about small amounts? We have to carry and worry about small amounts.

Indian designer Abhinav Dapke has come up with this amazing user-friendly concept-solution for small amounts– Ecoin. Ecoin is a digital representation of small amounts or coins. This small electronic device carries all your small amount big bulk!

If you are in India than I bet you have already experienced at least one ugly incident where you had to shout at or were shouted at for not having change. Buying at shops, paying for taxi, bus or auto, as well as eating outside etc we need in our day-to-day life exact change. We don’t realize it anymore but we all keep a box full of coins.


Abhinav Dapke’s design – Ecoin, a  small electronic device has small LCD display, few buttons & infrared controls (transmitter & receiver like remote control). The LCD display shows balance or transfer or received amount with currency name. The buttons on this device helps the user to select the exact amount. The semantic values are derived from existing coins & their graphics. It runs on coin sized Lithium battery. Receiver & sender, both should have this device.


This device can be topped-up/recharged at small shops. These shops will have similar ecoin or ecoin box. The user has to pay the desired amount in cash to shop owner to charge their device. The user can also collect the cash from the shop by transferring funds from their ecoins to shop owner.


There are options available for Ecoin – wallet friendly ecoin, key chain ecoin & waterproof ecoin.

Ecoin can be developed for different currency for respective countries.

Ecoin is green too as it reduces usage of metal & subsequent coins-manufacturing process.

Check Abhinav’s portfolio here and  see his other designs on DesignFlute.

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