3 Playful And Unique Storage


revolvo cabinet

Revolv’O cabinet

Designer: Alper Gunduz

This designer from Turkey has quite a few unique designs up his sleeves! If you want to get something; a cookie jar or a book you rotate the cover/door 360° of RevolvO cabinet and play and display things the way you want.


Q ball and G by Alper Gunduz

If you are thinking these are lamps or lighting designs, you need to scratch you head and continue reading to find what designer Alper Gunduz has in store for you!

Q ball cabinet by Alper Gunduz

Q ball cabinets

In designer’s word “Q.ball is a ceiling hanging cabinet. It is an inspiration from Mini Cooper and Vespa’s pleasurable lifestyle. It is a ball made up of 4 elements: a static metal hanger attached to the ceiling, the body which is a case of acrylic, a cover (inside the body) and 2 shelves (inside the cover). All three elements, the case, the cover and the shelves can revolve around the same axis of the hanger.

ceiling hanging Q ball cabinet

Q ball

Q ball cabinet

Q ball Cabinets

Q ball ceiling hanging cabinet

Q ball cabinet

G cabinet

G cabinet

A ceiling hanging cabinet, “g”, is an inspiration from the googie movement.

If you don’t go check Alper Gunduz’s other designs you are going to miss a lot.

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