Modern Day Bells

sound objects

Lin Yu (Yuu Rin)

Designer: Rie Isono

I don’t know what should I call these – modern day sound objects, bells or soundscapes. Japanese designer Rie Isono has clearly succeeded in encompassing traditional casting techniques and modern technologies & aesthetics to produce this murmur of a sound like hand made products.

Put it in the living room, on the door, in window or on your desk, I suppose it can be your relaxation-play buddy. Lin Yu series is available in 3 variations.

Lin yu-sound objects

Kotorin ( Lin Yu series)

(Material: copper alloy – gold finish, pendulum: hematite -natural stone,
frame: aluminum)

This sound object serves dual purpose. It can hold a card, a to do list or a photograph in its beak.

Yuu Rin - bell

Door Rin

(Materials: copper alloy, pendulum: brass, frame: aluminium, height : 9 centimeters, accessories: metal plate for wooden doors and magnets for metal doors)

As the name suggests this Lin yu can be attached to door.

sound object

Mawarin ( Lin yu series)

Check all about these beautiful sound objects here and here.

Lin yu - soundscapes

Just touch or sway and play sound.

(Photo credits: Ryoukan Abe and last image source: Assiston)

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  1. Hello.
    I want to buy the Door rin of Lin Yu (Yuu Rin) by Designer: Rie Isono.
    Can you let me know how I can buy at online?

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