Loofah Doll


Ms loofie daughter of Mr loofah

Ms Loofie (doll made of loofah)

Crafter: Rohan Kanade @ Butterfly Handicraft

Isn’t the doll entirely made of loofah (except hands; hands are made up of grass fruits) too charming? Many a childhood memories arose by this Ms Loofie, Rohan’s creation. Loofah a wonderful natural material was recently made famous by designer Fernando Laposse.

What was earlier considered a scrubbing and bathing material only, now took shape of  functional objects. After doing extensive research Laposse incorporated loofah in everyday objects like room divider, planter, lamp, coffee table etc.

And now Rohan has used loofah beautifully as craft material!

ms loofie, doll

Ms Loofie daughter of Mr Loofah

You must see Rohan’s Independence day flower, solawood garland, organic snake (and other creations) here.

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  1. Thanks Design flute for showcasing my work.

    You guys are doing great work .Keep the good work coming.


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