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In today’s fast changing world, when we have 10 or 20 jobs at a time (the money paying – job, the satisfying hobby – job, dealing with children – job, dealing with their studies – job , road traffic and so on) , our day today life should be easy, affordable and beautiful.

Small solutions I am looking for in my new apartment are nowhere near to be found. For example I want roller system curtains on my window to be put upside down so that I get light and cheery wind as well as privacy. But no one is ready to listen. I want up and down sliding shelves for my kitchen and again I am helplessly alone in my dream world. I want small and lightweight carpentry and building materials cutting tools which make very little noise. I want affordable air purifier system.

I also ask question where is the energy curtain developed by Sweden based Interactive studios 2 years ago. Not available in India.

My demands are endless.

You may think I am crazy but I do dream with open eyes of nanotech, of optical fibers, of superconductivity, of quantum physics, of laser, of magnets  in everyday life. (I know I make lot of people run away when I write like this!)

I blog about  designs which are functional.

I think I love luxury but not at the cost of  my environment (yes it is my environment). So I tend to report a lot about green designs.

When I say I want to be a designer now, I draw strength from my childhood obsession with designs and ideas.

Lastly I want to seek beauty and fun.

(And appreciation. Your comments, criticism and reactions are most welcome).

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  1. Hello Roma,

    Enjoyed your site and your blog. Why no updates? Hope you are still dreaming.

    I came across while searching the web for a jhoola with a little modern flare and very simple lines.
    I am a desi married to an European and living on the Gulf coast in the big US. We bought an old and beat up but very strong build house and have been trying to do it according to our taste which most of the time we cannot afford. So we have learned to do-it-ourselves rather than settling for what is available over the store shelves. It is slow and painful process with lots of gratification. So dream on kid and if you come across a jhoola design suitable for outdoors, with sleek lines, let me know 🙂

  2. dear Roma (?),

    i really enjoy your site and you ideas. i’ll be coming back for more, i am not running away.
    you make me realize that ‘Design’ is at the top of my priority list: firstly to be in alignment with Devine Design and from that ‘blueprint’ to flow into any manifestation.
    i stumbled on your site because i am into swastika (the original) and Ganesha. so i see all these cute great icons by peoples names which one more than the other but all of them really look like swastika’s. they design them themselves or what? and how to get in contact with these people. do i have to sign up?
    love and peace

  3. I am Mehul from Chennai. I wanted to know where is your office located in Chennai

  4. Very nice and authentic website. We are in the same city lolz. Nice to see others indulging in ethnic designs. Why don’t we team up? Would love to hear from you

  5. Absolutly love your blog am a designer too work in bangalore at rsp lets keep in touch

  6. Dear Roma,
    Loved your blog and site. I plan to build my home in the near future (read within the next 5 years), location not decided.. I would surely refer to your research and expertise on building a green design. I have been in the look out for interior designers and architects who can help me come close to my concept in terms of environment friendly (rainwater harvesting, solar panels, natural stone flooring, wooden structures, vegetable and flower garden, compost re-cycle, re-cycled artifacts, etc etc).
    I’m in Mumbai too.. do you have an office or would it be possible to meet sometime. Please email me your co-ordinates and we can plan a meeting. Thanks.


  7. The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

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