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Zen with zing interiors



Interior Designer-architect: Galo Verdesoto

New York based architect-interior designer Galo Verdesoto’s interiors feel so fresh that I wonder colours of nature breathe inside or outside!

I feel that – a snail, morning sky, seasons and water – are playing right inside these houses.

Colourful pastel elegance rules here.

Can’t pin him down to one style but many which gives a Zen feeling but with a zing!

water must be the inspiration!

morning sky has come down!

flowers are chirping here!

seasons in full bloom!

Just continue reading to confirm what I am saying …..

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Bug-sy beautiful


Interior Designer: Brad Ford @ Brad Ford ID Inc

Hey! Who is this? 

 Who put these bugs in the house? I am furious!


Oh my God – wings, leaves, jungle, cicadas who brought all these inside?

Tell me quickly I am sure going to catch him!

And lo I have caught him!

Brad Ford – He did this!!

The culprit – a very talented young designer- Brad Ford has designed this amazingly playful mudroom (show house)!

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enchanted walk to life


image via flickr


‘Enchanted’ wall decor in glass by Atsuko Hamanaka student at Beckmans college of design, Stockholm, Sweden.


This is ‘joker’ chair from urbanfurniture


images via flickr

The Nook: This wall of the room has 2 frames side by side, a sofa on which an apple in a plate sits and the shoes are standing by.


A very long walk to life

Enchanted we walk

Fruit and shoes in hand

Comforts all along

Life is a joker

Still walk goes on and on.

white, green and modern




After a 3-day harrowing monsoon metro-city malady I want to indulge myself today.

I really like white interiors though I am Indian. Here are some great white and+ modern minimalist interiors with a deft touch of flora and green.


These four photographs are via I am so much in love with this NewYork based interior designer Jennifer Post’s white minimalist captivating capabilities.


architect and interior designer Deborrah Berke


architect, designer John Pawson


Akira Sakamoto


Japanese architect Akira Sakamoto

story of an urban jungle

I am posting design ideas in a series called MY NOOK for a corner, for each and every nook of my house and your house.

I have already done one, this is next.


This is ‘urban bear’ inkjet print by architect and artist Marjetica Potrc, I just can’t seem to erase from my mind for even a minute.


This is a cropped part of a beautiful flickr photo.


I imagine I am the girl in red frock.

And this is my nook:


Me and my friend both are silently watching the landscape thinking what would be the world tomorrow!