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Blow And Bounce

Blow, Bounce and Relax!

ball game

Bounce by Paul Neave

When multi-tasking starts putting multi-pressure on me, when ideas rain in torrents; what do I do? I’ ll let you in on my secrets for relaxation – online. Something simple, easy and fun!

Just Go to Interaction designer Paul Neave‘s website and bounce these balls ↑ or blow the dandelion seeds here ↓. Does it matter if you have never blown any real one!

dandelion game

Dandelion by Paul Neave

Making digital world a little human and simple fun is what Paul Neave does with his interactive tools, toys and designs.

So go enjoy! What you wanna try few other interactions on Neave’s site? What about the one named ‘television’? You already got me irritated! And I thought you wanted to know about relaxation!!

July 2010 – Calendar

Spring Wheels

desktop calendar

golden line

Desktop wallpaper by DesignFlute

I was playing around with Rangoli digitally and rains came. All the colors of Spring started melting and moving inside me!

This is my first attempt at making a wallpaper!

Enjoy this absolutely free desktop wallpaper by DesignFlute for the month of July 2010 in various resolutions, with or without calendar. From my freebie section download.

Credit: This wallpaper would not have been possible without beautiful image of Ruska Regina by straymuse (Agata Urbaniak) at stock.exchng.

Red Dot Design Concept 2010:Still Time To Participate

Still Time To Participate

red dot award logo

The red dot award is an indisputable mark on design capabilities, of imagination, innovation and competition in the creative industry.

Each year, designers, companies and institutions around the world seek to prove their innovative ness and creativity by submitting their works to the red dot award: design concept. Not only this brings out the best in them but also provides recognition and an indication on the marketability of future products. The red dot award: design concept is one of the largest professional design concept competitions in the world.

Designers, there is still time to participate, to showcase your best ideas, concepts and prototypes before the end of standard registration for the red dot award: design concept 2010.

Standard registration: till 1st July. Entry submission deadline: till 9th July

Late registration: 2 Jul – 8 Jul 2010. and late entry submission deadline: 12 Jul 2010

Check here: dates, categories and if need be faq.

Register here.