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Gimme a flower of a cigarette …


 Gimme a flower of a cigarette any day!

Show concern to your near & dear addicts!

Play a lovely prank!

After watching this video you can also make a statement!

Till I figure out a way to put this video here (if at all I can figure out?)

go check this simply interesting how-to video – Flower or Cigarette? by  Crow Casla  @ Metacafe.

Happy flowers-moking!

360 degrees

In this architectural and interior splendour nothing comes between you and nature! No architectural barricades, no colours to dazzle you and no space filling interior accessories.

modern-minimal-visually stunning houses, fearon hay

Architects: Jeff Fearon and Tim Hay @ Fearon Hay Architects

modern-minimal-visually stunning houses, fearon hay

Warning no 1: if your jaws drop and mouth open then do not blame me!

Warning no 2: if you want to run right away to these stunning locales in New Zealand then don’t tell me I didn’t warn you enough!

Warning no 3: I am hooked and have been to their website 5 times already clicking each & every photo all over again!

Warning no 4: these are awards-winning firm’s visually stunning, extremely modern houses – a 360° X 1000 times views!

 modern-minimal-visually stunning houses, fearon hay

Fearon Hay Architects is a New Zealand based firm.

For their stark modern aesthetics, I want to dub them as ‘Maharajas’ of modern minimal architecture!

Every corner of these houses is linked to its landscape. Large living areas, internal courtyards, endless verandahs, open plan bathroom, extensive decks and patio spaces, natural grey plaster walls and merging of indoor and outdoor living spaces with slide away systems to open the house to the opulence of views and abundant light make these spaces simple, magnificent and dreamy!

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love post

love bench

Designer: @ sovrappensiero

This park bench – A thing to view in the park


                              A place to view


                              A moment of pause


                              A shoulder to hang your worries on   

Loving the bench, the arch and you know for no reason I am blushing!!



It is a place to sit, a bench, a vase, a plant rooted directly in the ground. (the arch is designed in a tubular fashion and extended unto the ground level.)

 love bench

a green arch to frame you – a frame you can view green from

Forging complete harmony with nature by borrowing from nature – her green and incorporating in a design.

pen holder

oslo – penholder

Designer: Harri Koskinen For Danese Milano

Most of the times simple things are most functional and beautiful.. A simple creation and lot of  thinking (sustainable too) is the beauty of this memo and pencil holder.

Designer Harri Koskinen has taken only two birchwood rings and a sheet to create this.

I would take lots of pencils & things to decorate this!