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Luxury Resort’s Zero Carbon Footprints

Solar Power Generating Bali Net Zero Hotel Resort And Spa

bali net zero hotel and spa

Bali Net Zero Hotel resort and Spa

Architects-Designers: Christine Hadiningrat and Richard Sauter

Christine Hadiningrat in collaboration with Richard Sauter founder of Sauter Carbon Offset Design present the Bali Net Zero hotel resort & spa, the first zero carbon 5 star hotel in the world that’s also a solar power generating plant for the local community.

Acting as a power station during the day, the surplus energy that is generated by the hotel’s solar panels which collect more than double the required amount to run the hotel, is sold to neighbors. By generating and selling this surplus electricity by day, the hotel is able to offset the electricity they will consume from the grid by night.

The Bali Net Zero hotel resort & spa generates 2.5 mws of electricity a day from its solar cell array to maintain a zero carbon status. Solar panels which have a 25 year warranty will be deployed as an integral part of the cascading roof on 4 floors. The costs are worked out in a manner so that the cost of the entire solar power generating system will be recovered in less than 3 years.

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