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Will You Wait 30 Years For A Coffee Table

30 year old coffee table

’30 years coffee table’

Designer: Ernesto Garcia

How much time you take to make a coffee table?

If your answer is  – a week or a month – it is wrong.

How old is your coffee table?

 And if you say something like – I bought it a year ago. Then again you are wrong.

Wait and think.

Think about time taken in a human process and time taken by a natural process!

Look at the tree rings used in this coffee table, count them and then answer.

You are right this coffee table is 30 years old! The tree was 30 years old!

The designer Ernesto Garcia raises these questions and wants to establish your lost connection to the nature via this ’30 years coffee table’.

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Geology Meets Design

san andreas coffe table

San Andreas coffee table

Designer: Ricardo Garza Marcos

Bringing Geology, fun and storage inside your living room, this coffee table is inspired by the tectonic fault that lies between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate and is made of oak wood.

Ricardo Garza Marcos is a Mexican designer and architect who plays with his design in a little unexpected and a little fun way. Continue reading to see more of his designs and you can find him here on DesignFlute.

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