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modern twist to traditional craft

I have never seen such cotemporary renderings of a traditional art and craft.

The modern twist to Bidri work is simply stunning.

The art of inlaying silver in a dark metal is called Bidri.

The designers Suryaprakash Gowda and Vikram Sardesai are among those who define modern Indian lines.


Bidri candle stands


Bidri plates

These Indian designers based in Bengaluru, with their dedicated team under the name of Design Core India take lacquer work, stone inlay and Bidri work from traditional Indian handicraft and adapt it in such a way that the final product becomes breath-taking!


Bidri candle holders and trays


Bidri Keychains

Elegance of these stone inlay work is indesciable ?


stone inlay plates


stone inlay plates

While you are on their website do not miss lacquer work . Their recycled products are a different story altogether. I am doing that but a little later.

To know actual process of Bidri work (in detail) and links to traditional Bidri work keep reading…

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