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in a nutshell

hut carved of a raw coconut

Designers: @ Vibrant Nature

Vibrant Nature manufactures all types of handcrafted products made of natural fibers like Banana Fiber, Sisal Fiber, Screwpine, Palm, Talipot, Kora Grass, Coco Fibers, coconut shell and raw coconut etc.

Their creative input brings forth some very innovative products:

These pieces are made by carving a single raw coconut – ?


Vibrant Nature works in close association with hundreds of established artisans, cooperative societies, Women Groups with traditional talents and experience in their respective fields and village community.

These products are made of coconut shell – ?



pickle jar

small box (kumkum daan)



See more of their products made of natural materials @ flickr here.

paper dolls


dolls – handmade paper

By Bombay Paperie


The Bombay Paperie is keeping craft of paper making by hand alive by actually following traditions and not using mechanical mould. Waste cotton fibre is used as raw material and paper is lifted by hand using a chhapri or grass mat. See the master craftsmen at work here. Hand made paper has been made in India for at least 500 years. Who introduced the technique in India and its history – to know more read here.

Few of the very interesting handmade paper products made by Bombay Paperie –



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