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paper battery

Take a piece of paper, take carbon nano tubes and some electrolyte solution. Lo! And behold energy is produced!


Paper battery is made from plant cellulose which is used in making paper. So it is environment friendly. It has carbon nano tubes. And it produces energy.

It is a paper thin, can be bent battery prototype. It is small, light-weight and has endless design as well as application possibilities. The prototype has been made using inexpensive materials.

Each gram of paper produces about 10 milliamps of current at 2 volts, which can power a fan and LED light.

It is not only a battery but a capacitor too.

It looks, feels and weighs like a paper. It can be twisted, trimmed with scissors. Like paper you can stack one sheet on top of another to increase the power output. Researchers have experimented with 10 sheets. It can be given any shape even of a car door.

Potential uses of this battery would be in medical equipments like pacemakers and insulin pumps; in combination with solar cells. It is also going to change how we charge our cell phones, digital camera and laptops. It would be useful in aircrafts, boats and automobiles where power source gets bulky.

A team of scientists headed by chemist Robert Linhardt, materials scientist Pulickel Ajayan, and engineer Omkaram Nalamasu of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York has developed this wonder nano battery.

Interestingly scientists believe that they would be able to mass produce it like newspaper on rolls of paper.

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sunlight in my fist

One is going to get goosebumps if one see things materialized which one had talked so passionately about.


Parans, still seems like impossible but is what I dreamt of.

Four months ago we were moving to a place where electricity charges are steep. So we were thinking of alternative methods. One day I told my husband why can’t we store sun’s light, why can’t we store winter’s cold. The look on his face told me to stop farrying around my futuristic fairy tales.

I started to look for a solar air condition on the net and I stumbled upon parans lighting site. I was so tempted I even wanted to make dealership enquiries.

Parans lighting system can’t store light though. This lighting uses sunlight , optical fibres and prisms. This technology is developed in Sweden by engineers at the Chalmers University in Gothenburg.

See here how this unbelievable light work.

This technology provides natural light in energy efficient way. When parans’ people are coming to India?

And when natural cold can be stored too so that I get my natural air condition. Say what I am crazy. No, those days are not too far!