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light mark on paper

Tell me what is so earthy about handmade paper! May be I am only person in the world who has covered few old books in handmade paper! My fascination with handmade paper has taken me to Finland’s paper artist Sirpa Kivilompolo. She has done very interesting experiments of capturing light on paper with watermark pattern technique.

On white handmade paper play of light and shadow creates an elegant and eye-catching illusion. Each of her cards series tells a story. Here are her kuulto– watermark paper cards sold under the name Paperivalo.

wheel-of-fortune1.gif sonata-of-memories2.gif

                wheel of fortune series               dancing sea

sonata-of-memories1.gif heavens-gate1.gif

              singing sun & summer waltz      heaven’s gate         

paperivalo_.gif joy-of-life-sound-ofsilen.gif

memorable day & blessedness      joy of life & sound of silence

How these cards are made you can see here but explanation is in Finnish.

edit:grafikerlik has sent me these great info links about watermark techniques: