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open sim sim



(animated gif)

Elke Florián + Sascha Akkermann @ Confused Direction


Poissommobile? Roll it up – it is a simple mat. Unfold it – it becomes an ergonomically sturdy piece of furniture. While unfolding two wooden layers in mat arise and a few handles develop in curves so that you can lie comfortably on it.(size:120 x 20 cm)

These are very magical functional pieces from Confused Direction– a not confused at all team of German designers Elke Florian and Sascha Akkermann.



(animated gif)

The odú chair moves the way you move. It is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic and have cosy cushion inside. You can also put together three seats of  odú to create a ball!

Odú is a Hungarian word for cave.

{open sesame + khul ja sim sim (in Hindi) = open sim sim}

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