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wake up alarm For who donot drink water

alarm-clock-james-mcadam.gif  alarm-drawingjames-mcadam.gif

This wake up alarm makes you drink water! The earlier you want to wake up more you have to drink.

This ‘wake up alarm’ is a calibrated carafe that measures the amount of water to drink before going to bed.

This is James McAdam‘s quirky way to make all of us healthy!



                                              Intruders beware!

table_frontjames-mcadam.gif bat_shield_basejamesmcadam.gif

This cherry and steel table is for paranoid security seekers.

A ‘safe bedside table’ for the people who admit and for the people who donot  admit that they need some kind of self defence while sleeping.

Here is a club as table leg and top as a shield!

James McAdam is a designer based in UK, (London).