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magnet me!


magnet tack

Designer Hironao Tsuboi @ 100%

This simple object I am portraying today seems as if I have designed this!!! No I am not joking; I am merely saying that this magnet tack is so close to heart that it feels like my design! And if you have read my ‘about my blog’ page you know I have used magnets in everyday life.

So I am very happy to present this simple, extremely useful product from 100%.



magnet tack

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useful everyday designs


ergonomically twisted grip spoon

Designer: Sandip Paul

Talking about functionality Indian designer Sandip Paul has really got me excited. The way he has played with everyday objects, putting function, use and Indianness into designs is what really makes his designs so appealing.


clothline clip made with recycled plastic as a single piece, can be

hanged from both sides

At coroflot see his Useful art-design for everyday objects.

dustin-dustpan1.jpg slope-soap-dish.jpg firki1.jpg

Dustin-dust pan       Slope -soap dish                    Firki

The traditional Indian firni to churn curd and the wind toy firki is merged in his firki. His playfulness extends to this planter ( below) which has a compass and which sits on your palm too!



His latest conceptual designs you can see here.