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glimpses of Goa


Baga beach

I still have a few conch shells and pebbles I had picked up from beaches of Goa when I went there as a teenager. There was no Konkan Rail at that time and so no Konkan Ghat stunning scenic beauty on our way to Goa from Mumbai. But I remember being surrounded in the mist of ocean while coming back at night by bus.

Through these random images I hope you get the whole picture of Goa- today and history as well as architecture. The Portuguese encounter in Goa has ensured uniqueness in culture and architecture.


raj angan (courtyard)

This is a traditional Hindu courtyard surrounded by a colonnaded gallery called ‘chouki’.


velha Goa-old Goa


the Portuguese lady by famous Goan artist Mario Miranda


fishermen @ Zuari river Goa

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