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Copycats – Architecture on a table

These two tables have architectural design elements.

This one comes with a fairy tale domain!

Table manners

Designers: Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos @ WIS Design

Tablemanners – the desk or workstation is your castle, your own territory in a public space!

Stockholm based WIS Design has a poetic and playful approach in whatever they design!

Here a part of city sits on the table!? ?

Walk around the block

Designers: @ Gregor Jenkin Studio

Johannesberg based Gregor Jenkin Studio try to design things free from preconception!

Warning: Copycats have nothing to do with cats or duplicity, copying someone!

It is about similarity, like twins, like Siamese twins, matching objects, about object and furniture that complement each other.

Things that inspire each other. And how designers sitting continents apart work on similar ideas with amazing results.

It is a long series like a column.

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