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wrapped geometrical luxury


                                dumroo seat-table

Designer Gunjan Gupta 

Dumroo can be a seat or a table. Materials: 35 gauge pure silver, 24 carat gold leaf, oak veneered plywood. Dumroo is a musical instrument used by monkey dancers in streets of India.

She has redefined notion of luxury, borrowing from rich Indian cultural heritage and interpreting it in new stark ways. The Indian craft of silver wrapping is an ancient throne decoration technique.

gg22.gif gg222.gif

Ancient thrones wrapped in precious metal and embellished in jewels.  

Delhi based Indian interior designer Gunjan Gupta of Studio Wrap has taken the wrapping technique out of its ornate design sphere and created absolute geometric designs which look austere and audacious both. Her forms speak of luxury, craft and designs in one voice.



dining throne

material:35 gauge pure silver, 24 carat gold leaf and Indian hardwood.



eastern recline

The eastern recline – Indian hardwood panels are wrapped around silver panels and has detachable gold back.


artisan as designer at work



She has exhibited at 100% Design in London and has a current project from Swarowski among other things.