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Toothbrush – Baby and Bamboo

If you want to start first thing in the morning with small eco steps …

Tokyo based Japanese company Fine has come up with two simple yet incredibly functional and green toothbrushes: Baby toothbrush – Posy ring-shaped toothbrush and Bamboo toothbrush – FINE eco 41.

posy baby toothbrush, Fine company ltd

Posy toothbrush

Designers: @ FINE

(Have you already started suffering from “why I didn’t think this before” syndrome like me!)


This ring – round shape of baby toothbrush has amazing functionality:

Toddlers are already familiar with this shape.

Children get used to brushing their own teeth (and that too happily!)

Has a safe design with a short neck and a ring-shaped grip.

Round shape prevents the head from reaching child’s throat.

The handle is too big to go into the mouth of a child, up to three years of age.

But is designed so that the back teeth can still be brushed.

Ring-shape of the toothbrush has an external diameter of 6.4 centimeters and the neck region is only 2.6 centimeters long.


Materials used are Polypropylene handle and Nylon bristle

Suitable for children aged 1 to 3 years.


Designers: @ Fine Company Ltd

You may even be using a bamboo toothbrush holder but have you heard of a bamboo toothbrush?

Fine Company Ltd. has showcased this bamboo tooth brush at Eco-Products 2008 Exhibition in Tokyo.

Made of bamboo and plant origin resin this toothbrush has increased durability, heat resistance but decomposes with zero carbon footprints.

The natural resin is made from bamboo fibers developed in Shizouka Prefecture.

In 2000 Fine Company Ltd has also introduced Epoch: 21 – an environment friendly toothbrush made of lactic acid-based biodegradable resin.

(images and info courtesy : Fine )