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the Grass that binds – Vetiver

I call Vetiver grass the eco steel! 

The roots of Vetiver grass have strength of 1/6 of mild steel.


Something as simple as grass and what could be the count of applications and environmental solutions it offers – somewhere around 10,000!! (see some here)

No, I am not joking or exaggerating!

I came to know about this wonderful grass when I did this post.

And there is some great news ?

The first ever National Workshop on the Vetiver System for Environmental Protection and Natural Disaster Management’ is going to be held from 21st to 23rd February 2008 at Cochin, Kerala, India. Overseas participants are welcome.

This workshop provides the means for low cost and immediate action using a proven and tested technology. It is of great importance for people who are looking to remedy many land and water resource problems relating to climate change, resource degradation and pollution.

Please check all the details about workshop here.


urban landscaping with vetiver (floating) in China

It is organized by The Vetiver Network International and India Vetiver Network.


handicrafts from vetiver made in Venezuela

Images via Vetiver Network International.

India rediscovering her grass of origin

 photo courtesy www.samhollenshead.com

Konkan railway has started to plant vetiver grass along its laterite slope to stop landsliding. Roots of vetiver grass grow at least 3 metres inside the soil and its fibrous nature bind and hold soil tightly. The roots have strength of 1/6 of mild steel (eco steel!).

 courtesy samhollenshead.comcourtesy samhollenshead.com

courtesy P Haridas(indiatogether.com)courtesy Bharathiar University, Coimbatore,India

The konkan railway region is one of the most scenically green belt in India. Konkan railway has been called a tech marvel for its difficult terrain, tunnels and sky bus project. It has added one more green feather to its cap. Vetiver grass is not only a green solution but it’s primary centre of origin is India.

It was long long ago when I was in school, I had seen ‘ khus ki tatti’ (vetiver roots screen) at my maternal uncle’s place. The screen was used for cooling (eco-manufacturers listening?) and it gave mild earthy aroma. I do not see vetiver roots screen anywhere now.

Among many uses vetiver grass is used for soil and water conservation. Vetiver grass is called ‘khas’ in Hindi and is used  now mainly by itra (scent) manufacturers.


I have also rediscovered this-people’s-grass. Beautiful handicraft’s were used to be made from vetiver. These days I see cane and coir handicrafts  but unfortunately not a vetiver grass handicraft.

courtesy chaipat.or.thphoto courtesy www.chaipat.or.thcourtesy chaipat.or.th

I wish to revive vetiver grass craftmanship. Any artisan listening?