green designs from future soon

These designs are straight out of students’ project books!

Want to plant a love seed


Gro, this miniature greenhouse is the simplest and cutest I have ever seen. It reminds me of my 5th grade life-science book from school days.

Sweden’s Beckmans college of design student Caroline Wetterling has developed this amazing green beauty.  In Caroline’s words  Gro’s pod-like container recreates the protective and nurturing atmosphere of a greenhouse. The shape is derived from the cocoon – the organic container reminiscent of a seed. The greenhouse can host the three initial stages of a seed’s development, from seed to shoot to the development of true leaves. Plants like Forgetmenot, four-leaved clover and wild strawberries have enough space to flourish inside the capsule.
In the bottom of the capsule, a set of bars is placed to keep the right level of moisture in the soil. The spout acts as a ventilation hole – it allows for oxygen to come in, condensation to come out, and keeps the proper temperature inside the capsule.


The top part can be removed and used to water the seed.
That is indeed clever!

Track me right


Another student from Beckmans, Fredrik Paulson has this light fixture to offer. It is programmed to follow the  sun during the day to gather energy.

future-designs2.jpg future-designs3.jpg


Visit his own workshop site here for more intelligent designs.

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