Rain, rain go away!


I couldn’t write on saturday because of scary situation rains had posed which had Mumbai under floods. My daughters were held up for hours in school. No buses or local trains were running to their school’s suburb. Finally we could fetch them with the help of a taxiwallah who at every flooded point threatened us to leave us there only.


In our previous flat my husband had installed balcony window glass all coloured. That was his favourite nook for he enjoyed drizzle of rains with a book in hand.  Now I wonder in Mumbai how many people are not able to enjoy   rains and instead get scared.


First it was mangroves and wetlands which were reclaimed by builders and city planners ignoring the ecology. Now it is the turn of salt-pans area of Mumbai. The builders and city planners are running to grab and develope this area.


With hundreds of active citizens I am also scared to think how Mumbai would choke in coming years. 

And how it changes interiors of  low lying or ground floor homes. People this year have switched from wood to stone. They even have got marble beds made. A few have their rooms elevated by 1 to 2 feet. Traders have got 3 to 4 feet high wooden planks installed at the entrance of their shops as their check-dams.

And Mumbai fire brigade has acquired latest gadgets like these rocket launchers:


Which when fired give an inflated tube to target area to save people caught in floods.


Only if we stop tempering with ecology so much!

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