no trojan horse


My evergreen fascination for horses brings me to these discoveries.


This is a bedroom by Barbara Hawthorn. The fairytale stuff, my growing girls want-want.


The modern bedroom which I crave for.


Unter dem roten Pferd is a room in Berlin’s Arte Luise Kunsthotel. They have all rooms designed by different artists. This one is designed by Roman Schmelter.

Anybody wants this onix horse from Indonesia or the above painted wood rajasthani horse from India.


May all in this world get their prince charming. Amen!

celebrating restoration

mumbauni13.jpg  mumbai-uni.jpg  mumbai-uni-by-st-simon.jpg

munilibrary.jpg    mum.jpg

mumunitower.jpg   mumtower.jpg

mumuni2.jpg  mumuni3.jpg  mumuni-convocation.jpg

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Just 7 days ago my university, University of Mumbai completed celebrating 150th year. To me it was not commerce or science learning there, it was and is getting lost in grand architecture, beautiful archways and mesmerising stained glass work. The pristine glory was falling apart but 150th year forced authorities to sit up and do the restoration work.

The 132 year old Convocation Hall was restored last year and Rajabai Tower which houses University library was restored a few years ago.

Yes I am celebrating restoration work!

green designs from future soon

These designs are straight out of students’ project books!

Want to plant a love seed


Gro, this miniature greenhouse is the simplest and cutest I have ever seen. It reminds me of my 5th grade life-science book from school days.

Sweden’s Beckmans college of design student Caroline Wetterling has developed this amazing green beauty.  In Caroline’s words  Gro’s pod-like container recreates the protective and nurturing atmosphere of a greenhouse. The shape is derived from the cocoon – the organic container reminiscent of a seed. The greenhouse can host the three initial stages of a seed’s development, from seed to shoot to the development of true leaves. Plants like Forgetmenot, four-leaved clover and wild strawberries have enough space to flourish inside the capsule.
In the bottom of the capsule, a set of bars is placed to keep the right level of moisture in the soil. The spout acts as a ventilation hole – it allows for oxygen to come in, condensation to come out, and keeps the proper temperature inside the capsule.


The top part can be removed and used to water the seed.
That is indeed clever!

Track me right


Another student from Beckmans, Fredrik Paulson has this light fixture to offer. It is programmed to follow the  sun during the day to gather energy.

future-designs2.jpg future-designs3.jpg


Visit his own workshop site here for more intelligent designs.

fresh air


I am obsessed with nanotechnology. I dream of a home where I would be running everything with the help of this technology. I would let you in for a secret dream, I infact marry nanotech to quantum physics and believe me! their are magical instruments which when and as needed change shapes and functions. But these are too distant dreams. As nanotech machines are steadily becoming a reality can I have this air purifier as my first nano machine? The germ guardian has developed this personal air purifier. It is like a necklace .


It uses negative ions to force away various pollutants. It uses rechargeable lithium batteries.


The site says you can” wear it on airplanes, buses, elevators and more. I want to try this in Mumbai’s traffic jams. The price is $39.99. Are there any free trials?

leave me alone


The element of constant fun is necessary for us as we struggle with a difficult boss, traffic or kids’ studies everyday. I wonder why very few people try fun things in there decor. It certainly is no easy thing to achieve a comfy, elegant as well as fun decor style.

If I had  such a hallway I would tempted to put things straight or make a comment every time I walked by.

swing to next dimension


royal swing

I was setting up my new home. In Mumbai space is at premium. Still I wanted a swing in my living room.



I spent days planning as to which corner to put it  as a swing needs a lot of space. At one time I wanted to give up the idea and exasperatedly asked my husband what to do. Should I adjust anyhow or ?

His reply was an eye opener. He said a swing gives you another dimension of space and time! Don’t you want to experience it.


happy ever after


Swing by Viteo

Yes, Indians , from generations knew  the pleasure of swinging. Specially a Gujarati ( a state of india) home will not be complete without  a jhulo or hinchako( swing).


double swing

Certain parts of India even celebrate onset of rainy season with “swing day ” ceremony.


silver foil covered jhoola

These are traditional and new age swings. It sure is a seat which puts you at another level.  Go swing away!