lift my thirst


When I saw this photo I immediately fell in love with this hippo roller drum. It is such a simple design and most probably I will never use it. But for the poor millions of this world and my country this is a design which lifts the load out of thier lives.



This step towards a more sustainable lifestyle is created by an architect and artist from Slovenia , Marjetica portc.

Few other people are also  involved in thinking about “the other 90% of the world (Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, NY ) ” and are making  similar efforts. Designers P J and J P S Hendrikse have designed this Q drum.


live inside a quarry


A stunning concept of a resort hotel inside a water-filled quarry in China’s Songjiang district near Shanghai. Additional photos and information you can find here. 

Actually I have spent a good amount of time (12 years) in a Colliery. I have been inside a coal mine and to a quarry too. In India there have been many tragic accidents in mines.

So this concept to me is awe inspiringly beautiful.

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