charpoy, the art of sleeping


I like Doshi-Levien team because they put traditional Indian lifestyle into international arena. They also add their own subtle modern changes to each design they put forward.


Charpoy or as pronounced in Hindi ‘charpai’ or called ‘khat/khatia’ is latest from them.

Let us see charpoy in past and present perspective.

charpoy being restrug circa 1900 photo courtesy,ebay

A traditional charpoy is woven with rope (sutli) made of a particular plant.


The rope bites a little into the skin so people sometimes upholster the charpoy with colourful clothes.


This is still a common site in Indian villages.


A modern day charpoy woven with white cotton rope.


Another modern day charpoy with plastic rope.


a very colourfully strung charpoy.


Ah bliss! This is one of my favourite nook.

13 thoughts on “charpoy, the art of sleeping”

  1. hi,
    i was looking to buy a charpoy for years!! could you pretty please let me know where i can buy them. i am an architect and i have a flair for the earthy wood cotton traditional ones. thank you much for your help! the following are my fav.!
    A modern day charpoy woven with white cotton rope.
    a very colourfully strung charpoy.
    Ah bliss! This is one of my favourite nook.

  2. Wonderful article. I have been looking to acquire 2 of the khatia. Please email me if a manufacturer that will ship to the USA. Thank you for your help and the article.

  3. Exceelent photos, a just design my khatia & looking for design and found it.just seeking that skilled labour i can get.

  4. Very nice post on Charpai? Can you please email me where I can buy these? I love the last one in “your favourite nook”. Seems to be the most comfortable one out of all the traditional ones.

  5. Please let me know where can I buy these charpoys I love them,
    I am in USA

  6. Hi

    I like the last one – the white colour one the most and would love to know as to where i can get it. Can you please help. Thanks so much.

  7. hi, this is indeed the best information about charpai that i’ve seen yet. thanks a lot for this. i would also like to buy a modern one, a more affordable one than that of the doshi-levien team, which is outrageously beautiful. but i am looking for modern and affordable charpais like the white one or even the plastic rope one. can you indeed send some manufacturer information about them? thank you much in advance. nina from germany

  8. hey thats a nice information about charpai…i am looking to buy some…i feel you have done lots of work on this…so if you can favour me from where can i buy these ones….if you can forward few manufacturers contact or their websites at

    thanks – god bless you!

    ankur dhingra

  9. Thank you very much Arch,

    If you are talking of the post you did on different styles , I remember that . That was a lovely post!

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