cool your home with the help of sun

 solcool millennia-unit-v4_

Solcool consumes 85% less energy than the conventional air conditioner. It is hybrid, it can run on four solar panels, it can run on backup battery too. One unit can cool a large room.

Solcool millenia 4 (dc,2 ton) air conditioner can be installed in the attic, outside, in a utility closet, garage or warehouse. It is a wheeled, portable version.

The unit can also be used to provide heat, and with an optional gadget, can take the moisture that it sucks out of the air and purify it into drinking water.


The units are being manufactured in Israel. It is made by GPM, Aqua Cell technologies Inc, and solcool Israel and marketed by Solcool One , LLC.

Solcool was talking about putting its retail price under $5,000. (cost of solar panels if opted would be extra).

Well I still have to make calculations as to if I can afford it.

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