time towers and gRaduate tables



I absolutely love this cool timepieces from designer Mahesh Marath. These sleek towers are designed for a local manufacturer in Bengalore. Mahesh is a student at Ramaiah Institute, Bengalore.





Most of us, most of the time now are worshipping our computer only. This gRaduate computer table fulfills an everyday need beautifully. Mahesh certainly has an eye for curves and balances.

10 thoughts on “time towers and gRaduate tables”

  1. Cool stuff Dear,

    I didn’t know you were so creative ,,,
    awesome stuff ,,, Now I know what you have been doing in Ramiah,,,,



  2. Hi Praveen,
    thanks for the comment but please…. translate it for us mere mortals who know just 1 or 2 languages!

  3. Hi Mahesh,

    you are welcome! I am most happy when young talented designers get recognition!

  4. Mahesh’s designs really stands out from the crowd of every other so-called designers and stylists. The basis of creativity is simplicity and Mahesh has proved it in his designs. The designs are detailed to the minute. What attracted me to this page was the stunning designs, and I really mistook these master-pieces to the likes of Bertone or Giugiaro or Pinnanfarina.. have just one word for his designs- Awesome. Am sure that Mahesh and his deisgns are raring to go places.

  5. cool design mahesh ..

    have u tested any prototype of these . . .i just want to know how you feel when seated. do you have any kind of back pain while using this kind of graduate chair.

    this is the best design i came across for computer tables in colleges.

    have a great time . and great future…. jai hind

    regards jasim

  6. Thank you for your comments and thanks a lot for showcasing my work.

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