Simple, soft chic


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Designer artist: Janet Fernandez

I warn you! Don’t be fooled by smooth print like quality of these fabrics!

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And  why do you think these textiles speak some sort of language which sounds fabulous!

What else you expect of hand painted textiles!!

Love the soft, fresh colours too!

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J.A. Design Studiospecializes in hand-painted tablecloths and textiles. Their work includes napkins, place-mats, cushions, curtain panels, wall coverings, and throws.

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The Swedish designer now based in Miami, Janet Fernandez, is the artist behind J.A. Design Studio.

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Much of the inspiration for her work comes from her Swedish heritage and Italian background. As an interior designer, Janet likes to mix modern with classic and to incorporate clean lines with antique detailing.

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Her design elements have damask, medallions from Italian baroque ornamentationand florals. J A Design Studio is mainly into one off kind – custom made textiles but their textiles are also sold by the yard.

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3 thoughts on “Simple, soft chic”

  1. it looks more indian than swedish – just a thought. but definitely elegant .

    and i thought u would find this interesting hence writing the following ..
    well, there is a restaurant here (NY city) called Tabla (as in the musical thing) they serve indian food ( flavors – ) in french style . And it is excellent it seems $$$$$.
    i think it is a big style these days – indian objects presented in french, english, italian style. doshi and levien furniture – ( do a google ) very gujju furnitures with the italian elegance.- it is an amazing jugalbandi i would say.


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