The concept of balance and harmony in the philosophy of zen.

Designer: Isha Katoria

Lifestyle and accessory designer Isha Katoria is a young designer to watch for. A graduate of NIFT Isha’s design has sparks which speak of oodles of talent and freshness.




Splash watch


Wheat (Golden Harvest)



Black Onyx drops and silver marijuana leaves

Check her portfolio here.


Exciting Times – II

I said these are exciting times. In fact these are a little overwhelming times for me!!

Have too many butterflies in my stomach!

An African café in Europe!  How does it sound!

I have a request to suggest design ideas for the café.

Another request for redesigning a traditional Kerala home

A dear reader friend wants help in defining textiles and patterns for ‘a thing’ of everyday use! (Please let me not spill all the beans!)

A mega post or better still an e-book is taking shape.

A student has asked for a specific post on yacht and ship interiors!

(Does this mean – power of blogging?)thanks animated gif by DesignFlute

Thank You by DesignFlute

All these and few more ideas are being converted in posts.

How soon I will share? The answer now is – yikes!!

(I really think I need 72 hours a day. Anybody lending this commodity!)

Before the year end (2008) I wanted to put a very small design portfolio on Coroflot /Behance/ Design Spotter (yav..yikes..eee… whatever)!!!

 Hopefully this dream of mine will see the light of the day this year.

walk while you walk 1 by DesignFlutewalk while you walk 2 by DesignFlute

I am grateful to family and friends (for taking me granted that I can design anything and everything and just dumping the task on me!),

to young designers (who not just inspired me but really egged me on with their very positive words & wishes!)

to my dear readers (even though complete strangers they lovingly demanded to see my own designs!)

and to all my blogger friends.

Last but not at all the least –

In last six months I have got quite a few sponsorship offers!

Doesn’t it sound wow & why did I have to throw it away!

As wordpress don’t allow ads I have to move to my own hosting!

Yes! I have something very special to share with you all – I am moving!

I will not stop blogging here but my main platform will be the one I will announce soon.

(Yeah! I need all the luck!)

Too exited now…

There are too many things pending too … time to run off …