Red Dot Design Concept 2010:Still Time To Participate

Still Time To Participate

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The red dot award is an indisputable mark on design capabilities, of imagination, innovation and competition in the creative industry.

Each year, designers, companies and institutions around the world seek to prove their innovative ness and creativity by submitting their works to the red dot award: design concept. Not only this brings out the best in them but also provides recognition and an indication on the marketability of future products. The red dot award: design concept is one of the largest professional design concept competitions in the world.

Designers, there is still time to participate, to showcase your best ideas, concepts and prototypes before the end of standard registration for the red dot award: design concept 2010.

Standard registration: till 1st July. Entry submission deadline: till 9th July

Late registration: 2 Jul – 8 Jul 2010. and late entry submission deadline: 12 Jul 2010

Check here: dates, categories and if need be faq.

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Yellow Joy!


Wallflower 1

Artist: Norman Mooney

(Material: Cast aluminum and pigment)

Wall Flowers are new work by Brooklyn based artist Norman Mooney. This is his first adventure in colour sculpture.

The joy, the beauty, the wonder and etherealness of this bursting yellow pollen has taken my breath away and as I keep looking at the sculpture, goose bumps start playing their role!

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A Trip To Flowerland

big bloomBig Bloom

Designer: The Cottage Industry

Take a simple vase and a magnifying glass on a stand and have numerous, endless trips to the flower-land everyday!

Designers Damian O’Sullivan and Lisa Smith @ The Cottage Industry create simple products with a twist to put a smile on your face.

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