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gravity, slender curve and constant tension

Jamming, Hanging, Standing


 cabinets – book shelf (animated gif)

Designer – artist: Wolf Brinkman

Gravity as a binding element fascinates designer-artist Wolf Brinkman. And so he uses columns and gravity for these book-shelves. The Jamming, Hanging, Standing cabinets radiates constant tension and it seems that movement is frozen.

The horizontal arch has a span of about 6 meters (18′) and was built for the gallery ECCE in Rotterdam. The hanging structure is almost 4 meters (12′) long and was built for a law office in Utrecht. The standing Arch is a scale model with a diameter of 1.8 meters. (6′)


book shelf – Book Arch (animated gif)

The shelf together with the ‘Book Arch’ decorates the Central Library Rotterdam.

These shelves make optimal use of the building and one only needs to take away one element and the whole structure collapses.

Need I say out loud :– these architectural shelves fascinate me!